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    USA Cable Manufacturer
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    USA Cable Manufacturer and Supplier

    Standard and Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services

    Cable HarnessWe can be your One Source for all your standard and custom cable needs. Throughout our  history we have been providing high quality connectivity solutions to OEM and reseller customers in the  computer,  communications, industrial, and medical equipment industries.We have  developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing.

    As an OEM cable manufacturer , we feature quick design services and prototypingthat are critical in supporting an  engineering effort during new product development. Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment to design and fabricate custom cables and wire harnesses of all types and standards.  We are fast and dependable!

    Wiring Harnesses We also provide standard  cabling  products, such as molded PC cables and assembled network cables, to resellers throughout North America. We are proud of our MADE IN THE USA quality cables at low prices.

     Whether your application is simple or complex, standard or very custom, we have the technical expertise and the manufacturing capability to help.  If you are in the design  stages of your cabling solution, we can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote,  we are uniquely  positioned to  meet your  deadlines as well as your price targets.

    We invite you to browse our site and learn for yourself why we should be your choice for interconnect products and solutions.

    As a world-class custom cable manufacturer with a level of expertise, quality, and support well beyond what is traditionally expected. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest in custom cable assemblies, designed and manufactured with the highest quality components and the most advanced equipment and tooling. We have the custom cable engineering and manufacturing expertise to satisfy even the most demanding and engineering-complex customer requests.

    Our Strengths: 

      reddot ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm
      reddot Manufacturer of thousands of copper and fiber optic cabling products
      reddot Operations in the U.S.A. and Offshore
      reddot Custom Cable Design and Custom Cable Engineering services
      reddot IMG_6864_0114Rapid Cable Assembly Prototypes
      reddot Advanced cost-effective cable assembly manufacturing
      reddot Custom marking, labeling and packaging available
      reddot Corning Gold Assembly House
      reddot Cable and wire harness manufacturing based on latest standards for wire preparation, crimping, ultrasonic welding, splicing, insulation displacement, terminal soldering, coax / triax, wire wrap, etc
      reddot RoHS compliant products available as required
      reddot Strategic partnerships with industry leaders in engineering and manufacturing custom cables
      reddot Excellent technical support
      reddot Small to Large Runs - North American & Offshore Production
      reddot Industry leading warranties
      reddot Quick Turn-Around
      reddot Great prices based on buying power, cost-efficient cable design, and advanced manufacturing

    Let us be your partner. Let our engineers design the cable for your needs or, if full specifications are already available, let us prototype and manufacture the exact cable for your requirements. Thousands of resellers, corporations, and engineering companies count on us as their preferred cable manufacturer because we provide more than mere cables or products, we provide cabling solutions. We offer a full spectrum of custom network and computer cables, as well as voice and data custom cables and connectivity solutions for the Electronics, Telecom, Medical, Mil Spec, Military, Robotics, Instrumentation, Audio, and Industrial markets.


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    | USA Cable Manufacturer | Design, Prototypes, Engineering | MTP Fiber Cables | Pre-Terminated MTP Cables | Ribbon Fiber Cables | Tactical Fiber Cables | ALTOS Cable Assemblies | FREEDM Cable Assemblies | MIC Backbone Fiber Cables | Fiber to the Home - FTTH | Mode Conditioning Fiber Cables | Fiber Pigtails | Fiber Optic Cables | LAN / Network Custom Cables | LSZH Cables | Port Cables | USB Custom Cables | Firewire Custom Cables | Video Custom Cables | Server Cables | Computer Custom Cables | Power Custom Cables Internal | SATA and SAS Custom Cables | Wire and Cable Harnesses | Medical Cable Manufacturer | Custom Molded Cables | Industrial Cable Manufacturer | Instrumentation Cables | Control Cables Manufacturer | Flat Flex Cables Manufacturer | RF Cables Manufacturer | Coaxial Cable Assemblies | Wind Turbine Cables | Wind Farm Cables | Solar Cable Manufacturing | OEM Cables Equivalents | Offshore Capabilities | Photo Gallery | Quality Control | Contact Us | Quote Requests


    Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at It’s Best!
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