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    MTP Ribbon Cable Configurations - MTP to SC Cables

    Fiber Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services - from Jumpers to High Fiber Count Assemblies

    Pricing and Free Samples

    Located in Long Island, New York our company offers Fiber Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services - from Jumpers to High Fiber Count Assemblies. Please see below 2 MTP Ribbon Cable configurations:

    • MTP to SC Fiber Assembly configured with fan-out body and 900 祄 legs
    • MTP to SC Fiber Assembly configured with 2.0mm upjacketed legs

    We serve:

    OEMs, VARs, Corporate End Users

    Government and Military

    Fiber Optic Installers of commercial, industrial and residential infrastructures

    Fiber Optic Distributors, Dealers and Resellers worldwide

    Data centers, network operations centers, etc

    We manufacture and supply multi fiber assemblies such as single fiber cables, zipcord cables, DFX cables, Fan-Out cables, MIC fiber cables, MIC unitized cables, ribbon interconnect raisers, ribbon risers, FREEDM cables, ALTOS risers, tactical fiber cables, and MIL Spec fiber Cables made with Corning fiber. We design and engineer custom fiber cables for today’s and tomorrow’s infrastructures. With decades of experience in fiber cable assembly manufacturing we can be your source for high count fiber cable assemblies. Contact us today for a Quick Quote and to order fiber optics from us.


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