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    Military Fiber Optics

    Military Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Ship / Navy Fiber

    Military Fiber1We offer rugged, harsh environment Military Fiber and military fiber optic assemblies for a wide variety of air, navy, ground, and aerospace applications. We offer high reliability MIL SPEC connectors and cable, from top quality manufacturers.

    MIL Spec Fiber Cable Assemblies


         Military fiber optic for field video broadcasts
         Fixed or mobile military command platforms
         Extreme severe environments
         Manufacturing, mining, oil rigs, and petrochemical environments
         Cable assemblies for avionics
         MIL SPEC fiber for flight control
         Military Fiber for high EMI environments

      Features and Benefits

         Advanced termination processes
         Military fiber optic - custom or standard assemblies
         Assemblies are factory polished, tested and serialized
         Assemblies with traceability function
         Excellent impact and crush resistant military fiber
         Abrasion, cut, and chemical resistant

    MIL SPEC Connectors

    MIL Connectors for Military Fiber Optic Assemblies and Industrial Fiber Optic Cables. Tactical/harsh environment connectors used: Military connectors - metal, corrosion resistant military connectors, operating at high temperatures and vibration ( TFOCA, TFOCA II, 38999, 28876, etc. or standard commercial optical connectors)

    Bulk Military Fiber, Military Cable, Industrial Fiber Optic Cable


         Extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable tight-buffer military fiber designed for tactical field use as well as harsh commercial applications.

         Trunk fiber cables / breakout cable design with an individual color coded sub-cable surrounding each optical fiber .

         Crush resistant and resilient military fiber optic

         Stranded cable core for flexibility of the cable assemblies.

         MIL SPEC fiber with superior mechanical protection.

         Can be used outdoors on the ground in all terrain, including severe environments.

         Chemical resistance suitable for mining and petrochemical applications

         Round cable design for easy installation and survivability

         Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance. 

    With over two decade of fiber optics experience, we can meet the demanding military fiber optic requirements as well as military fiber for  aerospace environments with proven capabilities from design to prototyping, and production.

    For more about our rugged, harsh environment military style cables contact us today!




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