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    Medical Cables, Medical Equipment Cables, Diagnostic Interconnects

    Standard and Custom Medical Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses
    Surgical Interconnect Systems, PCB and Medical Device Design, Manufacturing and Molding

    Design, Assembly and Insert Molding of Medical Cables for OEMs and ODMs, Embedded PCBs,  Sensors, and Hardware, Medical Device Molding


    Many of your assembly's crimping requirements may already be tooled up in our cable manufacturing factories. Please see below a list of connectors, for which we are already tooled:

    - Molex Medical Connectors
    - Amphenol Medical Connectors
    - Lemo Medical Connectors
    - Other
    Medical Connectors

    We are a well established US based cable assembly manufacturer offering a large variety of standard and custom medical cables & wire harnesses, surgical interconnect systems, molded PCBs, medical sensors, medical equipment cables, as well as highly customized medical interconnects.

     We also offer bulk medical cable, such as our brand of flat flexible cable for medical equipment applications.

    We are at the forefront of technology and innovation, and we can help with medical cable design and engineering, rapid prototypes, material selections, medical cable manufacturing and molding. We have the unique capability and expertise to provide you, not only top quality products but also great prices that will advance your competitive position and improve your bottom line.

    High quality and unique cable construction materials such as thermocouple and tinsel wires are commonly employed in our medical cable designs. Our experienced engineering staff is ready to assist you in the prototyping or the manufacturing review of your medical applications. Send us Your Specs and Request a Quick Quote today!  We process most requests within 24 hours.

     Our Medical Cables:

      High Quality & Reliability
     Improved Strain Relief
     Silicone Molding Available
     Quality Shielding
     Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
     Esteathically Superior
     Lowest Costs for Manufacturing and Tooling
     Compliance with Applicable Standards
     Exceed Specifications and Performance Requirements
     Lot Sizes from 100 to 100k Pieces

    We pride ourselves with full capabilities for medical cabling products, such as:


    Disposable Medical Cables
    Reusable Medical Cables
    Medical Electrodes
    ECG Cables / ECG Electrodes
    ECG Lead Wires
    EKG Cables / EKG Electrodes/ EKG Lead Wires
    Medical Mechanical Snaps
    Signal Harnesses

    Cables for Medical Diagnostic Equipment
    Catheter Cables
    Disposable Medical Probes/ Sensors
    Reusable Medical Sensors
    Embedded PCB's / Printed Circuit Boards
    Custom Medical Hardware
    ODM Medical Interconnects


    Our company is managed under the auspices of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 process standards. All facilities have either ISO 9001/2000 or QS 9000 approved quality systems. Since 1988 we have been producing custom and standard molded cables for OEM's throughout North America and Asia. We are continually investing in new production and test equipment in order to provide our customers with the best possible quality while not sacrificing cost or delivery. Advanced manufacturing techniques coupled with strict adherence to industry standards, such as WHMA/IPC 620-A, is what our customers expect from us as a partner and as a leader in the Cable Assembly Industry. 

     Medical cable manufacturing services highlights: 
     Design Review for Manufacturability
     Modular Tooling
     High Level of Experience with Medical Cables, PCBs, Medical Sensors, etc.
     Prototype to Production Parts
     Quality Injection Molding
     Experience with a wide variety of Thermoplastics including LDPE, PVC, PU & TPR Santoprene, Silicone
     Custom Colors & Custom Lengths
     Reliability and Fast Delivery

    We are tooled for a broad variety of connector types from top manufacturers like:


    AMP Connectors

    JAE Connectors

    SAMTEC Connectors

    AMPHENOL Connectors

    JST Connectors

    LEMO Connectors


    MOLEX Connectors

    SWITCHCRAFT Connectors

    FCI-BERG Connectors

    PANDUIT Connectors

    STEWART Connectors

    ITT Connectors

    CANNON Connectors

    FISCHER Connectors

    We also make cables with other connectors. Please contact us for your specific requirements.





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