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    About MTP Fiber in Corning Pretium Lanscape and Evolant Solutions

    What is an MTP Trunk Cable?

    • An MTP trunk cable provides 12 to 144 fibre connectivity
    • MTP trunk cables utilize MTP Connectors Small Form Factor - 12-fibre push/pull optical connectors minimize errors and reduce space
    • Allow for lower bend radii and smaller slack loops
    • Enable up to 6x the cable tray capacity over traditional bulkier cabling solutions
    • Save up to 65 percent space
    • Minimize cable tray weight and improve air flow
    • Meet the highest skew criteria for 100G
    • Feature round furcation legs that provide easy routing and improved storage
    • Feature small-profile furcation plugs - allow stress-free cable mounting, leave no legs outside the housing, are shipped with strain-relief mounting cradles
    • Are available with optional flexible pulling grips that allow easy installation around corners allow trunk pull through conduits up to 450 N provide complete protection for connectors
    • Are shipped on a light-weight reel for easy installation

    What is a MTP Extender / MTP Extension Trunk?

    • Extend subsets of links from zone distribution into equipment zones
      Feature pinned (male) MTP Connectors on one end and non-pinned (female) MTP Connectors on the other
    • Pinned MTP side mates with trunks via MTP connector panels
    • Non-pinned MTP side plugs into modules or harnesses

    What is a MTP Harness?

    • An MTP harness breaks out 12-fibre MTP terminations into LC duplex connectors
    • MTP harnesses connect to trunks through a pinned MTP Connector Plug into dual-fibre electronics ports with LC uniboot duplex connectors
    • Occupy less space than 6 duplex jumpers Improve airflow for cooling efficiency
    • Enable higher density in equipment patch panels
    • Ease handling of cable connections on high-fibre count SAN directors and switch blades
    • Feature custom-engineered taper to match electronics port pitch
    • Facilitate neat routing through unique snap-on features
    • Are available in two lengths - short harness legs for minimal cable slack and long harness legs for mounting flexibility within a cabinet

    What is a LC Jumper?

    An LC jumper is a slim round 2-fibre interconnect cable with uniboot style duplex connectors
    LC Jumpers improve handling in high-density applications
    Low loss connectivity enables system design flexibility
    Enabled by bend-insensitive ClearCurve Multimode or SMF-28e XB Single-mode fibres
    Designed to withstand tight bends and challenging cable routes

    What is a MTP Connector Panel?

    An MTP connector panel provides MTP connection points between trunks and harnesses or extender trunks
    MTP Connector panels can be installed or removed from the front or rear of a housing
    Facilitate simple upgrades to parallel optics
    Are packaged in easy-open containers

    What is Pretium EDGE?

    Pretium EDGE stands for fiber cabling solutions from Corning and mean Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled fiber optics with the following characteristics:

      Bend-insensitive fibre cables
      Data centre standard compliant - Comply to EN 50173-5 and TIA 942
      Custom engineered harness assemblies - Allow seamless integration into most SAN directors
      Low insertion loss
      Universal polarity system
      100% factory-tested solutions
      Innovative drawer-style hardware

    Please contact us for more info and to buy MTP fiber interconnects.

    • Standard and Custom Fiber distribution cables with male with pinned and unpinned MTP connectors
    • OM4 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Multimode 50/125 祄 OM4 Pretium 550
    • OM3 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Multimode 50/125 祄 OM3 Pretium 300
    • OS2 Fiber Cable Assemblies - Single-mode 9/125祄 SMF-28e XBTM OS2


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    MTP Cable Manufacturer | Corning Pretium Fiber Cables | MTP Ribbon Cable Config. | MTP Cables and Modules | About MTP Cables |
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